[Release & Review] The Institute by Dani René, Anna Edwards, Murphy Wallace, India R. Adams, Jennifer Bene, Sian Claven


Ja conferiu esse lançamento incrível? Se você curte livros dark, não pode perder...

Title: The Institute

Authors: Dani René, Anna Edwards, Murphy Wallace, India R. Adams, Jennifer Bene, Sian Claven
Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: April 30, 2020

Serenity is an illusion
Dear Reader, 
I trust this letter finds you well. 
It is with the utmost concern that we invite you to join us at the infamous Serenity Institute. You’ll be able to observe the goings on of the asylum, meet the patients and the doctors. We do however ask that you please be quiet. Do not interact with the patients, and respect the special treatments our doctors administer. 
This is where nightmares come alive.
A home for the shattered psyche of its patients. 
Hope is lost when they cross the threshold. 
The deranged. The demented. The unstable. 
Six stories, six authors, non-stop madness. 

Kind regards,
The Authors
Dani René, Anna Edwards, Murphy Wallace, India R. Adams, Jennifer Bene, Sian Claven


OMG! I'm no words to talk about this book. Really. I'd loved and I just have good thigs to say.

I love the books by Dani René and Echo was what kind of sparked my interest in The Institute. So, it was so good start with one of my favorite authors.

Marbh by Anna Edwards drew me in and I loved this antiheroine, so I just say... wow!!!!

I was very curious with Bene and Adams and Mr Cat is not real and Hostile Ilusion. They were my favorites in this anthology. It's difficult to talk about without spoilers, but I need to say that this two was perfect. Definitely you will see more from the both authors here. And soon!!!

Release Me by Wallace and Sanitorim by Claven were a new-to-me authors and I'm thinking... Where was I that I haven’t read anything from them yet?? Can't wait to read more from them and hope that will be more in Release me soon...

Belive in me... Each book in this anthology is brilliant and if you love a dark book, you need put this one in your list.


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